Socata TBM700 – For What It’s Worth

socata tbm700 takeoff

Some pilots are gifted with the ability to just vomit information left and right about every single aircraft known by man kind. Me, not so much.  I instead know a little about a lot of airplanes. So as I dig into reviewing airplanes in this random segment called “For What It’s Worth”, I will spin my own article about aircraft like ...

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Let’s Talk About Emergency Squawk Codes

Emergency Squawk Codes

It’s embarrassing, but recently my study buddy (and friend) and I had a lapse in memory when it came to emergency squawk codes in aviation. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but for the love of airplanes we couldn’t remember which code was for which emergency scenario in flight. Today, I’m going to make it stupid simple for you to remember these ...

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The Aviation Phonetic Alphabet is Addictive

Aviation Phonetic Alphabet

Perhaps one of the most fun and entertaining aspects of becoming a well rounded pilot or avgeek is when you instinctually use the aviation phonetic alphabet in place of the normal average joe’s alphabet in your everyday life when people ask you how to spell something. Putting fun aside for a second, the aviation alphabet we have grown to know ...

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Yaesu FTA-550 Handheld VHF Transceiver Review

yaesu fta-550 handheld vhf transceiver

It’s been about a year now that I have been the owner of a Yaesu FTA-550 Handheld VHF Transceiver radio. I thought with some extended use and an Oshkosh trip under it’s belt it was time to give the handheld a fair review. To begin with, I started my aviation radio journey back when I first got into aviation by ...

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How Long Does It Take To Become a Pilot?

how long does it take to become a pilot

There are a few aspects of flight training that always make the curious pilot wonder most. Typically price is the number one concern when it comes to investing your life into your flight training. But for some hopeful students they wonder how long does it take to become a pilot. To give you a bullet proof answer would be doing ...

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What Kind of Pilot Are You?

what kind of pilot are you

So you think you know what kind of pilot you are huh? Ever since you started flying you obviously had a kind of flying that you either wanted to pursue or have started to pursue. Take this quiz to see what my scientific formula (sarcasm) really says about your pilot lifestyle. 😉  

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I Have a Fear of Flight Schools

flight school closing

Typically the most fear a flight student has when taking their flight training revolves around either an actual flight manuever or a certain flight exam. Those are logical fears in the realm of aviation, but mine is different. I have a fear of flight schools. Flight schools scare me to death. Whether large or small, they all have the potential to delight ...

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Instrument Rating Training Revisited

instrument flight training

With the advent of my new motivation on this blog, comes the desire to start knocking out all of my desired flight ratings. As discussed many times on this blog, I am a private pilot and next on the docket is to complete my instrument rating training. Now, I feel confident about starting to document all of my trials and ...

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Best Paragliding Alaska Videos I Can Find

paragliding alaska

When it comes to Paragliding, I know just about as much as the next pilot (so not that much). It’s a different form of flying and one that I have always been so intrigued by. But the more intriguing thing to me is paragliding Alaska style. Not only is it Alaska, but it’s cold and it has to be a ...

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