11 hours to go!

Well I had a flight lesson yesterday and it was fun. We practiced soft and short field landings and takeoffs for the most part of the lesson. I was doing very well and performed the maneuvers the best I have ever done. Also I had my friend come flying not only to enjoy the magic of flight but to take video for the movie I am making for my Audio&Video Production class. We were at the airport for about 2 hours just filming anything and everything a student pilot does during a lesson. It was fun and hope to have the movie all edited in about 2 weeks. Ill make sure to put it up here. As the title says I have 11 more hours till I legally have enough hours to get my PPL. Although I wont be 17 and Ill probably need more hours since most do. All in all I am enjoying getting hours and cant wait till May to have my license, until then its a matter of cross country’s and solos. The latest thought I have had was about ATP flight school. I was wondering what you all think about it. Have you gone there for training? Do you like it? Was it worth it?
Thanks and Until Next Time,