17 days and counting…

Even though Airventure is a little over 17 days away, I have found myself already preparing for the event. Of course with having an aviaiton website comes a chance to have some free advertisement. I always jump at the chance to have my website link visible to get a couple more people reading. How do I do this? Well the most simple of ways is of course apparel. At Oshkosh last year I wore a tshirt had my web address plastered on it nice and bold. This year I am sure to do the same. Also I think I may make a couple buisness cards with my website and email address on it and perhaps accidentally leave them on a table somewhere.

Usually, if your a planner type pilot, you usually plan out why you are going to Oshkosh. Last year I had not plan why or what to do there. And this year I am not making the same mistake. You have to have some sorta idea going in on what you want to see.

This year I have planed it out like this:

Monday, July 25 (DAY 1):

1.Wake up at like 6am, shower and then enter the gate ASAP

2. Go through a bunch of the exhibitors tents ( I wasnt able to do that at all last time). Do that for a couple hours.

3. Pick a  couple of sections of aircraft to walk around and look at.

4. Around 3pm get in position for the airshow. This step is very important, because this is my main focus this year. I have just gotten a new lens for aviation photography and I want to put it to good use!!!

5. After the bulk of the airshow is done begin to walk around (wonder) the field.

Tuesday, July 26 (DAY 2):

1. Wake up just as early and get my a** to the flight line take some morning pictures of GA aircraft coming in.

2. Try and hit a little bit of the Ultralight area (that is fun to watch)

3. Take some cool static aircraft display photos

4. Get in position for airshow and start snapping my camera left and right!

So that is my mini plan (Subject and will change) to staying focused and seeing as much as I can in 2 days. I’m more excited about going this year than most anything else other than the day I got my pilots license. I am sure this year wont disappoint and cant wait. So if you see a tall, skinny teenager caring a Canon camera with a long lens and a bookbag around, dont be afraid to say hey!

I warned you all that from now on its going to be Oshkosh all over my blog!

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian