A Pilot Shortage, could this be true?

Lately I have heard a lot of pilots and aviaiton personnel talk about how there is going to be a huge, enourmous, gigantic pilot shortage in the next couple years. Now usually when someone hears this they just forget about the notion because, ever since I remember I have always heard this. Has it ever happened? Not quite! So lets take a moment and brake down this whole mith, and try to figure it out Mythbuster style.

Pilot Shortage Forecast from CBC

In this video clip CBC reporters talk about how, just in the US and Canada alone there will be a some 97,000+ pilot jobs available in the next 2 decades. If this is true, I should be siting pretty if I have all my ratings and hours done out of college. With about 5-6 years left before I am out of Highschool, and out of college that puts me still short of their 2 decade projection. But with the way they are describing the drastic increase of baby boomers retiring it could reap beneficial for me earlier than said projeciton.

Another issue with the pilot shortage is that the numbers of flight students has gone dratically down with the tought economy, low wages for beggining pilots, and long hours of hard studying and training. With less pilots training the flight training world is going to have to find a way to entice more pilots, or else we may actually end up with a pilot shortage on our hands… Could this really be happening? The answer: YES.

alaska airlines boeing
Alaska Airlines Landing @ KDCA

But the counter to all these lovely projections is the new rule that the airlines of the 1500 hour total time rule for pilots looking to apply for a airline position. This could devestate the airlines drastically. When we face this said pilot shortage, and the airlines are looking for more pilots we run the risk of pilots not being fully qualified yet having less the 1500 total hours. With this 1500 hour rule in place I can guarantee you will see a huge increase in instructors flying!

So if I were a regular person looking for flight training and interested in becoming a pilot in these tough economic times, weird to say, but I think now is the time to get it in. Its time to start your flight journey and work toward what will be the new industry standard… 1,500 hours!

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian