Addicted to Helicopters

It may be the good ol saying “You always want what yah cant have”. But ever since I started flying airplanes, I have wanted to try helicopters out as well. I usually start day dreaming when ever I see a helicopter, about how I would love to get my copter rating. I then come back to the real world and realize that I just don’t have the money and facility to do so. Would I take lessons for it if it where the same rate as an airplane rental was? Why heck yes I would!

Ask anyone, when I am driving, golfing, or doing anything I will stop dead in my tracks and watch the helicopter do what it is doing. I just dont know why I have such a strong attraction to them. Maybe I should marry one, or on second thought maybe not.

I haven’t even been in a helicopter before and that is part of the reason I find them so mystical and o so maneuverable. I think my goal this summer is to try and find a way to take at least a ride in one. That’s not to much to ask for now is it? Until then, I remain a very happy airplane pilot and fly the the R22 and Bell Jetranger on flight simulator at home.

This video is a perfect example of how maneuverable helicopter can be!