Is Airplane Repo Fake?

is airplane repo fake

We’ve all seen the show, and let’s be honest it’s hard to say that it isn’t an entertaining piece of television. But is Airplane Repo fake? The show premiered on Discovery Channel in 2010 and aired for 4 seasons so far. To my knowledge it could be coming back for a fifth season but we will see.

As a pilot, I always found that this show had the potential to cure my hunger for aviation related shows on tv. Although it was great to see aviation being shown to the general public, I also started seeing little signs here and there that could really be big tells as to if this show had any real merit to the airplane repo side of things.

It’s easy for me to write about the critical things about this show. Being a videographer I know how much time it must take to setup a belly cam on a Learjet or get multiple fly-bys for a scene.

Whoops 😉

So when I see the airplane repo guys snatch a plane and then it cuts to a belly cam departure shot, it has me wonder just how much of this is part of show business.

I’m also not naive enough to think that everything would be 100% accurate with the show in the first place. I mean it is television entertainment for a reason, folks.

I guess for me, Discovery channel has always been an outlet for my tv watching pleasure during the month. Yes I said month, I try not to watch much anymore since I am busy working on other things. But as this whole “is airplane repo fake or real” argument has been growing in popularity it makes me wonder about Deadliest Catch and other shows that I really enjoy for their entertainment aspect. Are the fishermen even actually fishermen on Deadliest Catch? Okay so that may be a little dramatic.

I guess the moral of the story here is that if you’re a pilot, sure you will be upset to learn that television isn’t always  100% accurate when it comes to aviation and you shouldn’t expect that from this show.

Is the Airplane Repo Fake or Real Argument Even Valid?

Honestly, no. I know they like to spin it to make everyone in the world seem like it is how the airplane repo business is really like. Personally not being a repo guy by day I guess I can’t confirm nor deny that. But everyone should just cool their jets (pilot pun) and enjoy for entertainment and not factual documentary award winningness.

However, I would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Do you think the Airplane Repo fake or real argument is a valid one and if so why?