Pilot Ian

Hey there! I'm a private pilot with ~100 hours behind the yoke. Here I am documenting my pursuits in flying. To fund this, I help brands with their creative and strategic marketing efforts (also within aviation). :) Say hi, and I hope you enjoy the reads.


Although Blogger has been good to me the past year I have decided since my sense of web development is pretty good that I would start my own website. Im pretty excited for it wont just have my blog but many other features like a forum page and much more. I hope you will visit […]

Private Pilot Time

I realized that my PPL checkride is fast approaching even though to you it may seem far away (May 11) and it makes me so happy to think I will be able to fly places with friends and family. For about a year now I have had my first destination as a Private Pilot set. […]

Weekly Discussion Topic

Alright so to spice up my blog I figured I would start adding discussion topics to see what all you guys think. So make sure to check in with me every week to write what you think about the topic. The way you can write your opinion is through commenting on the post. I will […]

KOWX….. Fun Times

As I progress in my training I find that the more experience you get the more freedom and fun opportunities you receive. As a student pilot in your first 10 hours or so its mostly maneuvers, pattern, maneuvers, pattern. As I grow near 30+ hours the freedom of being able to stray away from the […]

No one to the right

Solo flight is what I flew yesterday, It was fun for I havent been up by myself in a while. I flew the pattern the whole time for I was trying to not be high like I always am. Although being high is better than low I still wanted to hit the altitudes dead on. […]

11 hours to go!

Well I had a flight lesson yesterday and it was fun. We practiced soft and short field landings and takeoffs for the most part of the lesson. I was doing very well and performed the maneuvers the best I have ever done. Also I had my friend come flying not only to enjoy the magic […]