Pilot Ian

Hey there! I'm a private pilot with ~100 hours behind the yoke. Here I am documenting my pursuits in flying. To fund this, I help brands with their creative and strategic marketing efforts (also within aviation). :) Say hi, and I hope you enjoy the reads.

Rust is not fun

Ahhh well I feel great to be back on blogger and write about my flying adventures again. A short golf season, yet feeling long pulled me away from my love, Flying.Im back into the swing of things and ready to fly again. Today I had my first lesson in about 3 months, ya I know […]

Night Cross Country Time

Hey guys sorry its been so long, been really busy with golf. A couple days ago I went over to the airport and planned out my night cross country. Here it is, KFDY (Findlay) – KDTW (Detroit) fun, then from KDTW I will fly to KTOL (Toledo) then to IG0 (Bowling Green) then to KFDY […]

Dayton Airshow Recap

P-51 Mustang Well I went to the Airshow and I have to admit it was so awesome. I have alot of pictures and videos as you can see, so Ill keep adding them as we speak but Blogger.com takes forever to add media. So anyway they had anything from Cessna’s to B52’s and C5 Galaxy. […]

Dayton Airshow 09

Tomorrow I am going to the Dayton Airshow, Ive never been to an airshow before believe it or not so I don’t know really what to do or expect. I’m sure it will be fun. If anyone has any tips and advise on what to do just shoot me an email I would greatly appreciate […]


Well today I did another solo for about .9 for the heck of it. Umm I did 4 landings did pattern the whole time except when I flew over my friends house and circled it to see if he would call me about it later. All my patterns were pretty good 3 out of 4 […]


Alright so …. Cessna Event was so much fun I got to see many cool planes, eat, ride in planes, and meet new people. Highlight of the time was I got a ride in a Cessna Caravan. Ill put the pictures up to describe the time have fun looking.Ian

First Official XC

Well today I did my first “official cross country flight”. Here is how it went down took off out of KFDY at around 11am ish. then flew down to KOSU. We got put on 27R which is a smaller runway than I was used to. It was 2994ft long. We did about 4 landings there […]