Pilot Ian

Hey there! I'm a private pilot with ~100 hours behind the yoke. Here I am documenting my pursuits in flying. To fund this, I help brands with their creative and strategic marketing efforts (also within aviation). :) Say hi, and I hope you enjoy the reads.

Skyline Family Restaurant Sunday Breakfast Flight with Roommate

Skyline Family Restaurant Sunday Breakfast Flight with Roommate best aviation headset

This past week I had the opportunity to take one of my many roommates flying and we decided to go to the Skyline Family Restaurant on the field at KPMH. He had been in smaller airplanes before but nothing as small as the Cessna 172 I was about to take him in. I was excited to finally […]

Back Flying!

Back Flying! i want to learn to fly

I am back everyone! After taking almost two years off from flying due to the cost of flying and my other dedications in life, I have found my way back! What does that exactly mean? Well, I recently quit my job at an advertising agency and have gone back to school. I am doing this all […]

My First Solo Flight a Lesson in Aviation Literacy

For my college english class I had to write about a specific event where I learned a certain literacy. Literacy is not just your ability to comprehend and correctly speak, literacy is to be able to learn and be confident in your abilities in a certain discipline as well! Of course I chose my first solo flight […]

Genuine Aviation Happiness

I have missed flying so much, with the current bussiness starting up taking my money, and college consuming my time, it is difficult to fly right now. When I hit rough patches in my life like this, I turn to YouTube to live my love for aviation vicariously through others. Tonight, I found a video […]

iPad Mini, a Pilots Dream?

With the release of the newest Apple product, the iPad Mini, in their Keynote yesterday October 23, 2012, will it be a game changer in the iPad market for pilots? There is reason to believe that the new iPad Mini released yesterday during Apples keynote presentation has the possibility of revamping the pilots in-flight chart reading experience. […]

NIFA Regionals Flying Bobcats Flight Team

What was planned today for the first day of NIFA Regionals in Kent, Ohio? Landings and Nav run practices… What happened today? Studying, swimming, and Gears of War III. As luck would have it our first official day of practices was done before it even began on account for strong gusting winds. This terrible variable […]