Back Flying!

i want to learn to fly

I am back everyone! After taking almost two years off from flying due to the cost of flying and my other dedications in life, I have found my way back!

What does that exactly mean?

Well, I recently quit my job at an advertising agency and have gone back to school. I am doing this all in the pursuit of becoming a professional pilot like I had always wanted way back when I was young starting out in the aviation world.

This website has been with me since day one. I began my love for blogging at this very website. I have taken years to learn everything I can about blogging and online business. I have a website called Life Nomading that will portray what I mean. That is where I spend a lot of time creating content for my readers to learn from.

But I need somewhere to vent about my flying again!

So that is why I have decided to take a defibrillator to this blog. That’s right, I am going to be posting here again after a couple years of dormant activity. A lot will change though…

For one, I will be writing with higher quality. I have written probably over 300 articles since my first article on here so you could say I have a pretty good grip on how to make things read well, finally.

Also, I will be extremely candid on this blog. My opinions belong on here with little filtering to appease the pilot gods. I hope this will spark conversation and quality conversations about differing opinions in the aviation space.

Lastly, I am wearing my flying life on my sleeve here. With that I know many critics will call me out on things I may have done wrong etc… What do I say to that? I say please do. I wouldn’t be transparent about my flying if I didn’t want to hear feedback that could potentially save my life or help me be a better pilot in the future.

No pilot is perfect, so why let ego get in the way of serious learning opportunities.

With this all being said, I am excited to revive this blog. I decided to stay on this domain because it is a nostolgia play for me. Plus, I am sick of creating new websites from scratch.

I updated the look and you will see more changing in the coming months. For now this will work.

So grab a beer and cheers with me to this new chapter in I am so excited to be back and I can’t wait to see you in the comments below.