Best Electronic Logbook for Pilots in the Digital Era

Arguably, there are a ton of different digital logbook options for pilots out on the market today. Makes sense, with innovation in technology comes a lot of different companies in the space. But what is the best electronic logbook for pilots in 2016 in my opinion? Well, speaking from experience I would have to go with the newly integrated logbook in the beloved ForeFlight app.

I have been a longtime fan and user of ForeFlight, and up until the recent months I had always wondered when they would leap to provide a Logbook in their already extremely awesome and powerful aviation app.

With their launch of Logbook in December all my worries and qualms were put to rest as they began the journey towards finally incorporating what I believe as the final missing piece of my aviation pie.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have used other electronic logbook apps prior to ForeFlight Logbook being released. The main one being Pilot Pro. And although it was nice to have an app on my phone that I could begin logging my hours on, I got frustrated quickly by the user experience and functionality of Pilot Pro. It resulted in me never finishing the conversion of my paper logbook which ended up being a waste of money for the app. The nice thing was that it was a one time price and you kind of got what you paid for at the time. You can pick up the Pilot Pro app for $39.99 in the app store and perhaps they did indeed step up their game since I last used it, but I would only recommend it if you happen to be one of the few that don’t already use ForeFlight.

Pilot Pro logbook App
See… I kind of quit on the Pilot Pro logbook app pretty quickly.

Being from a services industry background where many tools are used on a daily basis, I am always working hard to find the fewest solutions to solve all my needs. ForeFlight has done this for me with their release and integration of what I believe to be the best electronic logbook on the market to-date.

foreflight logbook

If I may touch down (always an aviation pun somewhere) on some of the finer points of why I enjoy the ForeFlight app, you may say hey I should give it a shot!

Fore one, it gives you everything at a glance

Just like you already imagined, their logbook home screen gives you all your key currency and hour metrics at a glance. Talk about user experience on point. I can see in about 2 seconds all my currency issues and my 7, 30, 90 days, 6 months, 12 months totals.

The best electronic logbook just got better

I’m not sure about you but when I go flying, I would much rather add as many dimensions to that flight entry as humanly possible. For me, social media is okay but documenting my flights is even better. With the recent upgrades ForeFlight has now allowed you to add photos of your flight and take more notes so you can keep track of your memories like a sky book (not a scrap book).

Integration is Logical

Like I mentioned earlier, you already use the app. If you don’t then you likely already exited this article anywho 😉

Streamline your tools why not use the digital logbook in one app? You’ll find that less is more and that the streamlined process means all your safe data and information is in one place instead of across so many different databases.

So what’s my private pilot verdict on the best electronic logbook out there? I just think it makes sense, go with the ForeFlight Logbook.

What’s your favorite logbook out there? Comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Ps… this is not a sponsored post for ForeFlight, I just really dig the app and the integration of it all!