Best Paragliding Alaska Videos I Can Find

paragliding alaska

When it comes to Paragliding, I know just about as much as the next pilot (so not that much). It’s a different form of flying and one that I have always been so intrigued by. But the more intriguing thing to me is paragliding Alaska style. Not only is it Alaska, but it’s cold and it has to be a whole kind of different experience for the adventurous paragliders and paramotorists who take on the land.

Since admittedly I won’t be likely to paraglide in Alaska anytime in the near future, I figured I would pull together some of my favorite paragliding Alaska videos circling the web. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but upon digging you would be surprised by how few and rare paragliding seems to be on the internet.

Paragliding + Jump = Fun

This video is killer. When it comes to GoPro, you can typically bank on the fact that the production value of the shots are going to be great. But when you mix Alaska with powered paragliding you get this crazy awesomeness. You can see that while one guy is gliding the paramotor, the other is bucked into a harness of sorts. When the time is right the one strapped in, unbuckles and leaps from the safety of the seat and into the snow for a ride to remember.

Paragliding Alaska at it’s finest

When I went on a video hunt trying to find the best paragliding Alaska videos, a guy named CHRISONTHELAKE showed up constantly in my search. He has a ton of great videos about the sport in Alaska and you should check him out. First start with the video above. I don’t know about you, but when he touches his foot on the top of an iceberg I feel like its a way of saying… Nature, I’m here to explore you. This would be a fun weekend hobby if you ask me.

Paradog along for the ride

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, oh no it’s a paradog! A dog that paraglides with you stays with you, isn’t that the saying?

This is potentially the cutest thing you will watch today. Yes, I said it… cute. The puppy just casually hangsout while his owner is paragliding thousands of feet over Alaskan mountains. The pup seems unshaped and content. What a companion.

That scenery though!

Okay I had to include another video from CHRISONTHELAKE’s Youtube channel because first, I think he is one of the few that actually paramotor glides regularly in Alaska. At least he is one of the few to post his adventures on Youtube for all to see. Second, his views are just breathtakingly awesome. Iceberg here, mountain there, random Alaskan awesomeness everywhere.

This very much makes me want to pick everything up and journey to Alaska to paraglide some. I’m going to guess that actually learning the sport first could be the right next move for me. If you’re a paraglider, or even better if you have done so in the great state of Alaska, be sure to comment below and let me know how it is from a first person’s perspective.