Blimp o Mania

MetLife Blimp     photo by: Steven Roemerman


With the Memorial Golf tournament (a PGA Golf Tournement) coming up this Thursday, I will get to go down to Columbus, OH and watch the opening day of the 4 day tournament this year. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to clash my two main loves in life together, Aviation and Golf. Well how you may ask… Well whenever I have the ability to go to a golf tournament such as this one, there is almost always a blimp overhead taking video of the tournament. Whether it is a MetLife or a Goodyear blimp, it usually depends on the tournement. But walking on the course watching golfers play there is usually only two things you hear, the cheers of the fans or the buzz of the blimp engine overhead.

Blimps (Airships) are just one of those aspects of aviation that not many people know much about or get super interested in. But I think its an amazing way of transportation. Although they aren’t the quickest things in the air (almost as slow at a hot air balloon) I would imagine it is a great way to soak in the sights. If I had the chance to take a ride in one of these massive ships in the air I would jump at the chance.

Its hard to explain and portray somtimes what you are trying to describe, so here’s a video that hits my blog entry right on the head, so take 2 and half minutes and watch what it takes for the MetLife team to set up and work a PGA event.

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian