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Best Electronic Logbook for Pilots in the Digital Era

Best Electronic Logbook for Pilots in the Digital Era

Arguably, there are a ton of different digital logbook options for pilots out on the market today. Makes sense, with innovation in technology comes a lot of different companies in the space. But what is the best electronic logbook for pilots in 2016 in my opinion? Well, speaking from experience I would have to go with the newly […]

Back Flying!

Back Flying! i want to learn to fly

I am back everyone! After taking almost two years off from flying due to the cost of flying and my other dedications in life, I have found my way back! What does that exactly mean? Well, I recently quit my job at an advertising agency and have gone back to school. I am doing this all […]

iPad Mini, a Pilots Dream?

With the release of the newest Apple product, the iPad Mini, in their Keynote yesterday October 23, 2012, will it be a game changer in the iPad market for pilots? There is reason to believe that the new iPad Mini released yesterday during Apples keynote presentation has the possibility of revamping the pilots in-flight chart reading experience. […]

Wing walker Amanda Franklin has died

  Amanda Franklin passed away today after she sustained fatal injuries from an airshow act she was performing on March 12, 2011. She was performing aerobatic wing walking with her husband Kyle Franklin at the controls, when their Waco JMF-7’s engine failed and they crashed, when they crashed she sustained over half her body in burns.  While her husband also […]