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My First Solo Flight a Lesson in Aviation Literacy

For my college english class I had to write about a specific event where I learned a certain literacy. Literacy is not just your ability to comprehend and correctly speak, literacy is to be able to learn and be confident in your abilities in a certain discipline as well! Of course I chose my first solo flight […]

NIFA Regionals Flying Bobcats Flight Team

What was planned today for the first day of NIFA Regionals in Kent, Ohio? Landings and Nav run practices… What happened today? Studying, swimming, and Gears of War III. As luck would have it our first official day of practices was done before it even began on account for strong gusting winds. This terrible variable […]

Catching up!

It has been a long time coming for another post, although I seem to always be behind the eight ball for posting about my flying life it doesn’t come without an excuse…. I WAS FLYING! Now that we have that out of the way lets get down to the nuts and bolts of my flying life lately. […]

Long time no see!

Why hello there everyone, I apologize for being M.I.A. from my blog for so long,  blame it on my golf team for going to state! But I am back and ready to share what my flying has to offer to those reading. With the many months off there was a lot of change in my […]

T minus 4 days

Went to the airport today, and saw a lot of airplanes there taking off and landing. Although they weren’t departing for KOSH I know some of them had to be going there soon! I probably looked like a big creep taking photos of them while they taxied out for take off but it was worth […]