Category: Flight Training

T minus 7 days

Oshkosh is finally only a week away. I have been preparing for Airventure 2011 ever since Airventure 2010 was over!  I am sure these last 7 days of waiting will be the longest week of my life. I have so much to still prepare for the trip including making my tshirt/tshirts and getting all my […]

Pictures for Airventure 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has finally arrived. (drum roll) (cymbal) I am ordering a new camera lens!!!! With Airventure 2011 at Oshkosh rounding the corner, I figured it would be no better time to splurge and buy the “aviation lens” or so its called. I have been wanting this lens to put on my camera body for […]

GPS Approaches

Yesterday I practiced GPS approaches into a class charlie airport. Of course as you well know it was on the simulator, but it was still fun none the less. Nothing to exciting happened. I was able to do the approaches pretty well and felt accomplished after I did 2 or 3 of them. It wont […]

Circling approach!

Today I had a lesson in the Red Bird Simulator (whats new) and we went to a different airport other than my home airport. This provided for new approaches to learn, new courses to enter, and new frequencys to bother with. As usual we did a couple ILS approaches and then proceeded to do a […]

Slowly but Surely

Although I have a flight lesson tomorrow, the instrument rating training isn’t going as quick as I would like it to. Hopefully my instructor will be more available soon. Its sad to see my flight school slowly going down the toilet. I don’t blame my instructor for my slow training, I blame the amount of instructors at the school. […]

Oil, Oil, and more Oil

Today I flew the flight schools airplane over to an airport about 10 minutes away to get its oiled changed. What a day it was to fly today, on the way there it was so smooth and wind was calm making landing a breeze. For not being in the saddle for a month or so […]