Category: Flight Training

What the hail?

What the hail?! Yes, if your from Ohio you know what I mean when I say this. With torturous weather yesterday, also came hail. As I sat home alone with golf ball size hail hitting my homes windows at 100 mph I was in disbelief on how my homes windows wouldn’t give in and shatter under this extreme pressure! After about […]

To ILS and Beyond

Today I had an instrument lesson at my flight school. Finally my CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) was back from vacation and we are now back at it training again. What we focused on was ILS approaches today. Now I may have to remind you pilots with short term memory loss, that I am still flying […]

Remembering Old Times!

Something about these little snid bits of videos from one of my most favorite documentarys, gets me every time I watch them. For some reason I think no matter where you are in your flight journey, when you watch and embrace this movie you go back and remember the roots of why you wanted to […]

To go or not to go!

Well today was my checkride…… ehhhh not so much. As luck would have it, the weather didnt hold up and it was a crummy flying day. So I decided to be smart and reschedule for a day that would benefit me not hurt me. I see this as an opportunity to brush up on many […]