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T minus 1 day

Wait is this really happening? Is it already that time for Airventure 2011? By OSHGOSH it is!!!!!!!!! Today is my last day at home before I begin the long long journey to the only place that is better than Disney World. Today I am pretty laid back, I got everything charged and ready to go […]

T minus 2 days

One word to sum up today? Crazy! I woke up today at 9:15am to get the day started because I knew I had a lot to do. First on the list of activities was to go shopping for all the supplies I need to survive Oshkosh 2011 ex: toothpaste, shampoo, memory cards (most important). After […]

T minus 3 days

Sorry for the late post guys, I spent the better half of my evening designing an putting together my Airventure Tshirt……. It was a task to say the least. I would love to post some photos of it but due to it not turning out to well, I think I may redo it before I […]

T minus 5 days

5 days until I will be on  the camp grounds  at Airventure 2011. The excitement is mounting and just wish I was there already! This year twitter is going crazy with people talking about Oshkosh 2011. If your a fellow pilot tweeter use the tag #OSH11 for anything related to this years festivities. I hope we will […]

T minus 6 days

I made a list of everything I needed to bring fro Oshkosh yesterday.. and after counting the list up I have over 35 things I have to remember to make the trip as successful as I can! As a pilot I find myself always making checklists for trips so I dont forget things. And so […]

If you cant build a real one, do the next best thing

Recently I have been working on the remote controlled airplane I had started to build from scratch a few months ago. With virtually zero experience in flying RC aircraft I decided to build a very stable light styra foam aircraft. Of course I will  be using an electric motor with a big 9” propeller. With the looks […]

Practice makes perfect…

Lately I have been practicing my aviation photography skills out at the local airport in preparation for Oshkosh. I would say Im not completely terrible but Im trying. I shall share with you a few of the images and you can let me know what you think. Any crticism is welcome! (Click Image to view in Flickr) […]