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Lean mean flying machine

Do I fit this airplane? (perhaps some day) What kind of airplane are you? It’s been said that a dog owner usually looks and resembles traits of their animal counter part. It got me thinking, that if it works with dog owners maybe its translatable to aircraft owners or aviators. Here is the set up, close your eyes […]

Addicted to Helicopters

It may be the good ol saying “You always want what yah cant have”. But ever since I started flying airplanes, I have wanted to try helicopters out as well. I usually start day dreaming when ever I see a helicopter, about how I would love to get my copter rating. I then come back […]

Hangar Flying Podcast

As a blogger, I also find a lot of enjoyment in Aviation podcasts. When ever I find myself about to make a hour or longer trip somewhere I usually manage to download a podcast episode onto my iPhone to listen to in the car. The most recent podcast I like to listen to is the […]

Charts Sales

I am pondering opening a mini pilot store on this site, for aviation charts and some general aviation good. If your interested in buying charts on here let me know I could use some feedback. I used to sell charts on eBay and quickly learned that is not the place to sell charts. I guess […]

Blimp o Mania

MetLife Blimp     photo by: Steven Roemerman   With the Memorial Golf tournament (a PGA Golf Tournement) coming up this Thursday, I will get to go down to Columbus, OH and watch the opening day of the 4 day tournament this year. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to clash my two main loves […]

If only Ice Pilots NWT was in the USA

Ice Pilots NWT is a Canadian show featuring the brave and adventurous airline Buffalo Airways. Joe McBryan is the owner and founder of Buffalo Airways, his fleet consists of old piston pounders. Including the DC-3, DC-4,the Electra, and the C-46 aircraft. The show portrays the daily life of the airline, while simultaneously battling with weather […]