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RV-8 Build: Post 3

Dear fellow readers and contributors I know it has been a long time since my last post but that one dag on thing got in the way again….. LIFE! Lately I have been finishing up my last varsity golf season and been looking for a new job. That combined with my highschool academics has proved very time consuming. Luckily though […]

RV-8 Build: Post 2

Sorry fellow readers that I have neglected you for so long. With my senior year of high school starting up, golf matches starting to happen, and my RV-8 build starting, it is hard to find time to post as recently as I would like. So my apologies to all of you! Now that thats out of the […]

RV-8 Build: Post 1

Today I thought I would share pictures and comments of my days in the garage working on my airplane. Yesterday was Day 1 of the build, and it involved me unpacking everything from the 2 boxes full of hardware and parts. It was a total suprise seeing the FedEx truck come yesterday, because expected delivery wasn’t until Thursday. But […]