EAA Airventure 2011, Day 1 (Opening Day)

Well due to my in ability to use wifi during camping out here at Oshkosh I am going to attemp to do an update via my iPhone.Expect media (photos, video) in a day or 2. Yes I know dedication right??!! Well anyway today was great, I was able to get a lot done that was on my “list” to get done.

I first woke up at 6am and walked 15 minutes to take a shower, then came back and my friend and I drove into town to go to a breakfast buffet to put down some pancakes and fruit. Then after a long drive back (due to traffic) we parked the car at the camp site and walked into EAA AirVenture 2011 around 9am.

Once we had our tickets we walked in he and I said see yah, and didnt see him the rest of the day. Why? He is in the process of building an RV-8 and he is at that point where he needs to figure out what avionics hes putting in it etc… So thats what he’ll be consumed with all tomorrow as well!

Luckily, just as he came up here for a reason, I did as well. With my theme this year focused towards taking photographs, I would say I achieved my EAA AirVenture 2011 Opening Day “quata” at about 1,700 pictures captured! And the good thing is I have looked through the airshow memory card, and man do i have some good ones!

At the beggining of the day I made my way over to the flight line where all the GA aircraft were landing! I quickly met with 2 awesome REAL UK plane spotters (awesome accent and all!). I got to chatting with them, they where real nice and showed a true dedication to old school plane spotting! I didnt want to leave my awesome spot on the flight line but felt I had to, to fit everything I had to do in the day. I said bye to them, threw them my contact card (hopefully they are reading this in result) and was on my way to look at helicopter stuff.

I got my fix of looking at exhibitors tents and by then it was time to set up for the airshow for the day! I got set up and filled my water bottle with lemomade and was ready to shoot!

The airshow started and my position is right by where the performers park their planes, I found it to be an alright spot. At first all I cared about was my man, Skip Stewart, and being in postion to photogrwph him. He flies his airplane balls to the wall and I love it.

As the other performers started, I began to meet some other photographers and twitter friends. Everyone was really cool! I spent the whole airshow shooting with a guy who was a private pilot. He also was friends with the late Amanda Franklin, such a terrible tragidy that led to her passing away (See earlier post). The airshow was so great with wing walkers, an airplane landing on a truck, formation flying and crazy aerobatic pilots. Made for excellent pictures and writing material.

Finally the show came to an end and it was time to pack up, or so I thought. I then tweeted to a twitter friend who had brought a Wilga to the show”I want to see this thing”. 10 minutes later, bada bing bada boom I was sitting in 1 of the only 5 wilgas in the USA today. What a cool airplane. Thanks @flyctrobin for giving me that experience!

After that, I still had room on my last 16 gig memory card so I went to the GA flight line and shot some aircraft landing for the night. I got lucky to shoot a little of Skip Stewarts media flight, when he was landing. Finally I was drained of energy and had to sit, so I hoped on the tram and headed to the gate. On the ride I met a B50 pilot and chatted with him, got off the tram and threw him a card as well! I hope all you that got cards are reading.

In closing, today was great!

1700+ pictures
+ sun burn
+ back pains/shoulder
+ meeting so many great people
= The best day ever!

I think i did a pretty good job for only using my iPhone, but until I can get wifi this is what I have to deal with.

If your here in Oshkosh, dont be afraid to email me, tweet me Id love to meet my readers! Or find me alongside a flight line or during the airshow by the airshow pilot parking.

Until next time,
Pilot Ian