DC Excursion Turns into airplane fest

I just got back from a trip to visit my sister in DC this weekend as my school had the long weekend off for spring break. And my mom got her and I some tickets to hop over to visit my sister over Easter! It was a great time and glad I got to leave this boring city for a couple days and be around airplanes more than I usually do. Lately I have been down in the aviaiton blues, depressed a little on my aspirations and plans after highschool on how im going to get to my goal of being a pilot on a jet for an airline. I lost the love for the airlines over this long slump of  not flying much, seeing only negatives about the airline industries, and the economy being poppy just in general. If you have read anything about me you know that my love for aviation was jumpstarted as a young kid taking his first flight on a Delta Airlines flight to Disney World. And so this brings me to my next revelation of the the 3 day trip. As I got to KCMH to catch our flight to KDCA, I entered the airport and stripped down (basically) for security and got the body scanner done to me I realized, I was home. Every time I step into the terminal of an airport I get this overwhelming feeling of completenous. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies “Up in the Air” Starring George Clooney, this movie portrays a businessman basically in love with anything that involves  being at a commercial airport and on airplanes. When I get to my gate I feel like I am at a premier of a new movie, and then the captain and first officer show up and it feels like I am meeting the stars of the movie. I read their every move trying to remember how they present themselves as pilots and then I find myself imitating that later on.

I would like to tell every pilot, Captain or First Officer out there, it doesn’t matter what airplane you fly, I  and so many others look up to you and love observing and learning just by how you guys act in the presence of the coffee shop, terminal, gate counter etc…

Back to how my trip went! I got to the gate at a nice early time of about 5:00am and slipped right in to the airport to wait for our airplane to begin to board. It was almost to smooth how easily we got on the airplane and taxied out to the runway for takeoff to go to DC. We held short of the runway waiting for our takeoff clearance and then a couple minutes went by and in my head I was wondering what is taking so long! I then saw a Delta Boeing-737 taxi infront of us and take off. That is when I knew we had a problem, then the captain came on the announcements, “This is your captain speaking, sorry for the inconvenience but we seem to have a temp gauge inop and they have notified us we cannot proceed with the flight for we need this instrument due to the weather we may face.” So we taxied back to the gate and deplaned. It was frustrating yet as a pilot I understood these things happen.

(cut some of the waiting details out)

Finally they transferred us to a US Airways (sad face) flight to DCA at about 9:15am so we had about an hour to go through security again to get to the other terminal. Finally we got on our flight and in the air about 9:15am and was on our way for a spring break visit. After 55 minutes we were on approach to land runway 33. For an ERJ-145 it was still a little runway I would say. But the pilot slammed the plane on the ground and finally we were in D.C.

My sister picked us up and we were off for fun o fun!

The only thing I wanted to do while I was there was to go to Gravelly Point to see the airplanes land on runway 19 at KDCA. I got to do so thank god, not once but 2 times! Prolly my most favorite activity while there.

As quick as it began it was now time to go home, we packed up on Easter Sunday and headed home, we got to the airport in plenty of time and found our gate for departure. The weather was cancelling alot of flights but luckly ours got out just in time!

Now I sit here realizing why I love aviation so much, and after visiting Ohio University last week Im at a cross roads on how I should go about my flight training and my future choices, thats why I need you guys to give me your stories and opinions on how to go about the airlines and flight training! I would appreciate all and any input.

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Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian