Finally long awaited goal come true

While even though the website will be getting redone in the near future this is what I have developed so far I invite you to come and check it out.

Whats to come: well we will have a Aviation Store selling tshirts, hats etc…. also I am in the middle of developing a more advanced blog in wordpress which you will be able to navigate through my website.

Whats new: The whole website is but what im most proud and pumped for is our forums page. Ive wanted to have a aviation forums page for a long time and now its here: Sign Up at and share with the aviation world your thoughts and feelings on aviaiton topics.

I expect to have my website to its fullest potential in a couple of months but until then enjoy what I have now.

*Note – This blog will probably end once i develop my new blog but I will post that so don’t worry.

Until Next Time,
Ian –