Flying Events galore!

Hey everyone,

With what little time I actually have to write now a days I figured I would use up some of my study hall in class to let everyone know what is happening in my neck of the woods.

Two days ago I received my long desire MacBook Pro! It is wonderful and I am so excited to have it. What does that mean to you readers however? Well it means a great deal. Back when I was using my crap-o Toshiba laptop, I was limited in the amount of time and amount of workload I could do at once without it shutting down. In contrast, the MacBook Pro will do anything I ask it to without complaining.

With that being said the number one thing accomplished with the new laptop was editing the podcast that I co-host. Garage band is a great program to do that in and it only took me about an hour to finish editing and putting a fun jingle on the intro and outro. If you haven’t heard about the podcast yet, it is called the RVation Podcast and we talk about all things related to Vans RV aircraft and aviation in general. It should be a fun hobby to do when I am not building, working, at school, at track practice, flying!

The main thing that I am working on however, is the Findlay Air Rally. For those who do not know about it I suggest you check our website out and sign up for ASAP! Currently, I am working to get sponsorship to help fund this cool event. Sadly, many companies have cut back on their donation funds and in result I am having a hard time rallying the money (Pun 100% intended). The Findlay Air Rally was founded by myself in hopes to bring more aviators to Ohio and North West Ohio specifically. We have a lot to offer and it is sad to see such a poor aviation community around here.

The rally is a day long event that will begin in the morning with a pancake breakfast while rally pilots plan the route that we provided them. They will then depart and we will time them until they land again at the Findlay Airport. Pilots that are closest to their projected flight time and fuel burn once landed after the 200nm course, will win 1st place and so on. Then we will have an awards ceremony for the cash and trophy awards while we eat pizza!

If you are at all interested in flying in this event and want to register please register via our website, send in your registration kit in the mail, or call us…. It’s that simple!

If you are interested in help funding/sponsoring this event, please give us a call we would greatly appreciate it!

*All proceeds from this event go towards a high school graduate scholarship fund for any senior looking to further their education in aviation*


Other than that, not much has changed in my flying life. The Cessna 150 is under going its annual inspection so I have had to wait patiently for that to get done. Once it is done I will be flying all over Ohio getting flyer out to all the FBO’s for this Rally! Also, I have been thinking about starting another website that is aviation related…. Perhaps about all things aviation, or a forum type site for everyone to use. If you think that would be a good idea please let me know, I would love the feedback.

Until next time,

Pilot Ian