Flying Drought!

Hello everyone, The summer is finally winding down (for a little while) and I have free time to write about my flying once more. I will be honest, I have missed writing and using this website more, but when it isn’t a source of income it is hard to prioritize it over the other things going on. But I will advise you in quick advance that you have not missed much in my flying and building life. With all the business in my life came a lack of the ability to fly, but that isn’t the true reason for my lack of flight… I currently fly a Cessna 150 that is located at my local airport, or I fly a Piper Warrior II that is located 40 miles to the east of me. I, of course love to fly the 150 more due to the fact that I only pay for fuel and it is two minutes away from home.

However, the Cessna 150 went in for annual about 4 months ago and has yet to be finished. This has added a lot of frustration to my daily life, because if you are like me you are addicted to flying and not being able to fly when you want only makes you sad and bummed. I just learned that the mechanic left for vacation as well so I imagine I will never get to fly the Cessna this summer before I leave for college. I have been at a loss for words in this terrible situation so I have tried my best to find local airplanes up for rent…. and there aren’t any. In result, I have had to travel the 40 minutes to fly the Warrior to get my flying fix. It sucks and I hate to be a negative nancy but being unable to fly at a drop of a hat is weird when you get used to it for so long. On a brighter note, Oshkosh EAA Air venture is less than a month away and it has me pretty excited for what is in store there this year. I would highly recommend anyone that loves aviation to make it there this year, because it could possibly be the best one yet. I would explain what is all going on there this year but just check out previous posts.

My build has been at a halt as well for a recent venture I have begun. Although it is in stealth mode right now it should be fully functional and useful to pilots all around in the next 6 months. I am very excited about this new business and I think it will help the world of Flight Instructors and students a like. Look for future posts to talk about it in more detail.

That is where I am at in my aviation life currently, not to exciting but I am trying to get out there and fly as much as I can!

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian