Genuine Aviation Happiness

I have missed flying so much, with the current bussiness starting up taking my money, and college consuming my time, it is difficult to fly right now. When I hit rough patches in my life like this, I turn to YouTube to live my love for aviation vicariously through others. Tonight, I found a video of a lady named Meagan, who soloed in the video. As you watch the first hop around the pattern you’ll notice striking similarities from her experience to many of ours. The aviation sappy guy I am, I couldn’t help having a gleaming smile and maybe a watery eye or two as I remembered the day I took off for the the first time without anyone by my side.

These times in aviation will never be forgotten and it is so nice to record these moments through media. I know I will never loose my first love aviation for as long as I live, but it is always refreshing to see people like Meagan genuinely in love with it as well! Keep on keeping on Meagan, and I wish you the best in your aviation journey!!!!

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian