Hi there đź‘‹ my name is Ian and I'm
an #avgeek

Welcome to PilotIan.com. My name is Ian and way back in 2008 I made the decision as a teenager that I wanted to learn to fly.

i caught the flight bug training in a cessna 172sp
This is me on my first flight. Look how pewny I am, lol.

I spent every waking moment at my local (KFDY) airport, watching airplanes, washing airplanes, waving at airplanes, flying airplanes, you name it I was thoroughly addicted.

That addiction started even earlier than my real-life flying journey. As a young kid, Microsoft Flight Simulator was my affliction. Spending more hours than anyone probably should on the computer flying with friends around the world.

After many days of high school skipping school to do cross country flights during my training, I got my Private Pilot License at the tender age of 17. It was and still is one of the proudest achievements of my life being able to fly.

Back in the day, I thought flying for a career was my path. But quickly realized that I don't function well in environments where authority and seniority are how you advance I realized I was going down a different path for my career, business & marketing.

Turns out, I didn't have to fly to also be around aviation. My career lead me to own an adverising agency called Wilbur where we focused on helping aviation brands large and small in their marketing efforts.

Fast forward to the present day, having recently moved away from NYC where flying for fun doesn't really exist. We have settled in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. It's a beautiful place to live and relax.

I am fortunate to now work in marketing for a tech company and in my free time my partner in life and business Caroline and I work on a family recipe sharing app called Morsel.

As we settle down a bit, the next chapter of my aviation life is currently underway: airplane ownership.

I dreamed of the day when owning an airplane would be possible and now I am in the midst of making it a reality (more to come). I hope this website can serve as a chronicle and resource for others looking to dive into airplane ownership.


Blog Disclaimer: I am not a certified flight instructor (CFI) and all knowledge, suggestions, and or content on this blog should be consulted with your flight instructor first before taking it into action.