Instrument Training with ADF and Flight Club Talk

The last week and a half has consisted of me flying, learning, studying flying, and starting a flying club (All of which I will cover in today’s post!)

As for flight lessons… well, they are flight lessons. Flying as a private pilot is amazing how simple it was to fly. I used to tell people that I thought it was 100% easier to fly than to drive. It may be because I have devoted my life to flying and not driving, or just because it was true. But with instrument training fully underway, it is quite evident that this theory has changed!

Instrument training with ADF

The instrument rating is known by most around the flying community as one of the hardest ratings to understand, be proficient at, and pass on the check ride. With that being said I have realized why this is so. I used to think of myself as a fairly decent pilot, but I now know that I have so much more to learn! Lately, my instructor and I have been doing holding procedures while using an ADF (Automatic Direction Finder) to navigate.  This has helped me greatly in determining certain wind correction procedures and such. I highly recommend any new instrument student to ask their instructor to give them some hours navigating instrument training with ADF in your airplane. Although it can get a bit confusing at times and very old school, it really sharpens your instrument ability.

Yesterday, I felt so frustrated after the lesson not knowing where I stand in the realm of proficiency I finally just said “Sorry if I am the worst instrument student you have had!” and my instructor just laughed and said I was doing just fine! It was a well needed assurance that I was truly meant to be there and not just forcing something I may have no future at (whats up with this self doubt man).

Switching subjects a bit….. Findlay Flyers Club. My flying friend and I have started a flight club located at our local airport. We currently are looking to open it November 24th, 2011 with one aircraft for rent…. a Cessna 150. It is a small start but we hope to provide members with two to three aircraft within the year to come! This is the one time I will say I am proud of myself because I truly am happy. It has always been my wish to run and manage an aviation business. I am finally (as if 18 is old) getting my foot in the door so to speak with aviation management! I hope to see a member base of about 20 pilots but anything more would be great. I have began planning fly-ins, meetings, and speakers and this should be a great time to have with fellow northwest Ohio pilots!

Other than that my life has consisted of flying and my senior year of high school! Look for more posts in the days to come about the flight club etc…

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” ]04/13/2016 UPDATE: The flying club never really did pan out. If you are looking for aircraft to rent in Findlay, Ohio I am unsure of where to recommend you to nowadays. [/box]

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian