July Festivities (Oshkosh Included)

As you can tell I havent posted in a few days. I thought instead of writing a few short entries about a couple flight here and there, I would just combine them into one post. So bare with me if this is a bit long.

Lately, I have had multiple opportunities to fly, takes lessons, and get opportunities to be around aviation. Since last post, I have had about 2 hours in the simulator training for my instrument rating. It is quickly getting very monotonousness and once you get the basic principles of ILS’s, VOR’s, and GPS approaches down you find it become pretty simple if you get the correct habits down.

Yesterday I was fortunate to be able to fly the airplane up to where we get its 100 hour inspection done. And then today I was able to fly it home. Although the flight on the way there was very smooth, today’s flight was anything but. With the heat at about 93 degrees today you could bet there were a lot of thermals bumping the Cessna 172 around! But luckily I got in the pattern and made a nice smooth landing and taxied into the hangar.

On a different subject I will be going to the Dayton Airshow in the mid of July, which should be fun. Since the Dayton airshow is almost 100% military show, I find it fitting this year to go again. I have lately been looking at my flying options after college and the military is definitively not out of the question.

Then at the end of July I will have a chance to go to Oshkosh for the 2nd year in a row. If I am able to get off work, this would make for a wonderful July month for me. Oshkosh is truly the Disney World of Aviation. Last year I only had one full day at Airventure, this year hopefully I will have about 3 days to roam the lands of Airventure to see all the wonderful airplanes.

You all will be sure to read future entries about the aviation filled July, it should live up to be one of the more exciting months of the year!

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian