Just Another Update

Hello everyone, I would love to say I am making great headway with my new website expected to grand open on March 1, 2010. I am beginning a podcast type deal with another fellow aviator and friend who goes by the name Don. This podcast will be over general aviation topics as they pertain to the date of shooting. We expect to start filming those soon and they will be on youtube as well as on my site. Moodle is something I am adding to my website. What is Moodle? well it is a program made to allow educators to educate via internet. What I have done is devised courses for people to take and also allows them to take mini quizzes on what they learned. Each lesson consists of a video or text document instructing you on a certain topic. This program is perfect for aviators that want to brush up on their basics or for enthusiast that want to gain knowledge on aviation before the take their first flight lesson.

On the other end of my aviation world I am preparing to take my Private Pilot Written Exam. Most would dread the fact of studying a lot of questions and only having to answer 70 during the actual exam. But I see the opportunity to learn from this. As I study I am learning things I have yet to learn and it makes me feel on top of my game. All these regulations, and weight and balance questions have been drilled into my head from studying, that I’m likely never to forget. A goal of mine is to receive nothing less than a 90% on my PPL Written. A little steep? Some may think so but I don’t, If I’m going to put a lot of effort into studying for it I hope I get as much out of it as I put in.

Like to give a little shout out to a friend of mine for passing his Check-ride and Oral Exam today. His name is Don and he currently has a blog as well here www.370radial.com

Until Next Time,
Ian – pilotian.com