KOWX….. Fun Times

As I progress in my training I find that the more experience you get the more freedom and fun opportunities you receive. As a student pilot in your first 10 hours or so its mostly maneuvers, pattern, maneuvers, pattern. As I grow near 30+ hours the freedom of being able to stray away from the usual and enjoy flight more for what it truly is seems great. We flew to a couple airports today including KOWX which is Ottawa Airport. I really wanted to do this for a while for I love Ottawa basically grew up there in a sense and wanted to see their airport not just from the fence. Overall it was a cool airport pretty dead but good runway. Then my instructor proceeded in taking me to Pandora for some grass strip work. It was real fun and tought, hands on soft field training. Even though it wasn’t real soft. As we rolled to a stop to get our plane refueled a saw the Learjet taxi in from landing and people get off with enlightened smiles on their faces. It reminded me exactly why I fly and cant wait to be in the cockpit of one of those someday.
Until Next Time,