Logbook Description: pattern, FIRST SOLO !!!

Well today was a fun filled day. First of all my Birthday was today, I turned 16. All day at school all I could think about was the flight I was going to have after track practice. After practice I went home took a shower and went on my way to the airport to what I was hoping would be my solo day. Well I got a call from my instructor on the way there about how the wind had become out of my solo limits. Sadly, that means no solo time in the logbook for me then. Then we got there and he had me take a pre-solo knowledge test. I did ok not as good as I thought I would but hey you cant win them all. After we did that real quick my family and Ryan my instructor went across the street for dinner. O how good was the cheeseburger. I ate it down like I had not ate in 5 days. I, being me called the ASOS about 50 times to check on the wind. Finally, it was getting better so Ryan and I left right when we were done and preflighted and got the plane ready. So time for start up, we taxi to 36 and take off. No planes in the pattern it looked like so I flew 2 patterns with him, him not helping or talking for any of it. Then we taxi off the runway he unbuckles his seat belt and says good luck. I was first in shock when he closed the door. Like “Wow I’m really doing this.” Then I get up and look for traffic and takeoff and Ill tell you what my pattern was as good as I could get. A little high but it was fine, and heard a VOR approach for 25 the intersection runway so I stayed in contact with him the whole time making sure we wouldn’t hit each other.
He went missed so I didn’t have to do a 360 on base, final. And I ended up making the best landing of my flying career. Then I taxied back and did it all over again. Only this time I was way high all the way through. I finally get on final and way high so i ease everything off. Still high, what to do hmmmm…. Go around well finally I get withing about 500ft of my abort point and land it. I was a little hot coming in about 68kts but I made it didn’t I. Taxied back to hanger got pictures, shirt cut, and all the other things that come with a birthday. Well late now so I’m going to go and write later. PICTURES WILL BE ON SOON AS WELL AS A VIDEO!!!!!
Until Next Time,
Pilot Ian