Long time no see!

Why hello there everyone, I apologize for being M.I.A. from my blog for so long,  blame it on my golf team for going to state!

But I am back and ready to share what my flying has to offer to those reading. With the many months off there was a lot of change in my aviation life. My flight school has closed and that left me without a place to train and also without a job. No worries though like any pilot knows, this happens and I am sure it wont be the last time! In result, I was on a flight school hunt and finally found one 40 minutes away that would suite me for my instrument rating.

Yesterday was my first lesson at the new school, and at first glance I was so overwhelmed. Although I have been flying for just over 3 years now, when asked some basic questions I just hit a brick wall and realized I have a lot to learn and thankfully I know I will receive some top notch training here. The biggest change to my new training would be a Piper Warrior instead of my first airplane the Cessna 172 G1000. Is it a change? To say the least! I can already say that I am in love with the Warrior but I have yet to get 100% comfortable with it. The preflight, start up, flow, and everything I learned in a Cessna is completely different in the Warrior. But I must say that flying a low wing aircraft is a nice change, and it makes me feel more of a “professional” pilot in a way.

As for my instructor, although having the same name as my previous instructor, everything is different. Every flight instructor that I have dealt with has managed to have their own twist on teaching whether it be good or counter productive. My past 2 instructors were very nice guys and I don’t consider them my flight instructors but instead my friends. We got along great and they always gave me positive encouraging words through the private pilot licenses process. Yesterday, my first flight lesson with my new instructor was different. I would like to say that he is someone that is going to not only teach me what I need to know but ingrain it day in and day out so that I retain the knowledge I previously have forgotten. Some may categorize this as strict or demanding and yes I would agree with that to some extent. But if you want my true honesty, I have been looking for this type of instruction for a while. I’m not above being knocked down mentally if it means that I will learn and never make the same mistakes in the professional world. When an instructor begins to sugar coat stuff, that is when the student will feel over confident perhaps and then loose sight of the actual knowledge they need to retain. So as per my first impression of my instructor I would give him A- and I am very excited to learn more and become not just a pilot, but an instrument pilot in about 3 months.

As for the actual flying, it was so nice to get back in the air and get some refreshing of flight underway.  We took all the time just getting me back into the flying routine and getting to know the new airplane and panel as well. All my flying life I have been used to flying with a glass panel and the new round gauges and compasses are a cool change. But with all the compasses and stuff I have to remember precession and all that fun stuff.

Overall I was able to land it pretty well and the flight was a good change of scenery (pun intended) from the daily school life. I would say that this will be a very intense couple months but I hope to come out of it with a instrument rating under my belt.

In some posts to come you will get a couple exerts from an aviation book I am currently writing and also a few things about other aviation topics in my life. Until then I am glad to be back in aviation and ready to share my life with all of you fellow readers!

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian