My Aviation Christmas Gift Haul

Aviator Vintage Hat

As Christmas festivities wind down and we begin preparing for the new year 2012, I find myself in my room playing with all my new aviation christmas gifts that Santa brought me this year. I thought I would take a moment to give you my 2 cents on the items I got that I am so eager to use. Here are my quick and simple reviews of my presents, if you don’t want to read about all these things just wait for a new post soon about my cross country flight tomorrow!

NFlightCam +



The NFlightCam+ at first glance looks to be a great product and looking more into it I can’t wait to test it out on my cross country flight tomorrow. The cool thing about this camera is that it is small, light weight, self contained, and easy to use! The only thing I found to be a draw back is that although you can buy a suction cup mount as an accessories (which I did), you are limited to the 3 different sticky permanent mounts they provide in the box. Although these mounts look like great things to use, when you don’t own an aircraft such as myself you don’t have the right to put these things all over the airplane you are renting (and they aren’t re-usable). In the box, also comes with a cool attachment so you can record your in-flight audio which will help to make videos more interesting and you will be able to learn from it as well. This is by far my most exciting gift this year and I can not wait to use it for future blog posts, it will add a new dimension to this website that I have longed for in the past.

 2016 UPDATE: I now use a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver which provides higher quality video and added reliability.

Ray-Ban Aviators

Aviator Ray-Ban Tech

I have wanted a pair of super nice aviators since the moment I became a pilot, and finally after a couple years I have in my possession my dream pair of Ray-Bans. They look sweet and they are comfortable to wear! GET YOUR PAIR NOW.


Antique Leather Aviator Hat

Aviator Vintage Hat

I saw this via a fellow twitter follower and decided I had to add it to my flying outfit! I love this hat, it is not only cool looking but it is really warm and when it is on your head you have a hard time hearing people it is so well insulated! Only down fall is the hair sheds a bit but I am sure after a while it will all work itself out. I recommend this item to any fellow aviator lover.

Along with those items I also got “One Six Right” the movie which is a wonderful documentary of flying and I love to watch it anytime I have free time. Also I got foggles which I needed for my instrument flying. Along with that I got a couple flying books etc…

Overall this aviation Christmas has made my flying life so much nicer and exciting and am very thankful to my Mom, stepdad, sister, and family for everything!

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian