NIFA Regionals Flying Bobcats Flight Team

What was planned today for the first day of NIFA Regionals in Kent, Ohio? Landings and Nav run practices… What happened today? Studying, swimming, and Gears of War III. As luck would have it our first official day of practices was done before it even began on account for strong gusting winds. This terrible variable called weather, usually decides to act up anytime a pilot wants to get something done. In result, we finished up our continental breakfast at the hotel and went into one of their nice conference rooms where we staked out like the Obama administration did on the night they were ready to claim full responsibility for the killing of Osama bin Ladan, oh wait off topic… As I sat there listening and realizing I had exactly zero clue what the SCAN people were talking about, the Aircraft Recognition team decided to begin some practice on learning every single aircraft there is on the face of the earth. Yeah… no. However, I can now fully admit that our Air Rec team members are better than Chuck Norris when it comes to the Business Jet category.

nifa regionals

After hours of photo after photo it was time to close the laptops and stop eating the crappy pizza and take a break from the studying we all call fun. Some teammates napped, some talked, some twirled their e6B for practice. An hour later, coach with his Xbox finally connected to the internet ( praise the lord ) it was time to tear up  the local Applebees. Matt with his salad, Grant with his platter of every food imaginable, and Ashley with his manners, it made for an entertaining eat.

nifa regionals dinner

After waiting for our checks which took longer than the line for the Dragster at Cedar Point, we made our way back to the hotel to relax and swim. With nerf football in hand it was time to play an intense game of keep away. Like most games the excitement was gone after about ten minutes and everyone had retreated to the hot tub. We all cooled or warmed down and dried off to relax in our rooms.

So NIFA Regionals kicked off with a pretty good bang after all

After sharing intense flying stories with one another and learning to play Gears of War III it was finally time to call it a night and hit the sack. With an early start tomorrow, it’s time for me to stop typing and get to bed!

Look for an update tomorrow!

Until next time,

Pilot Ian