No one to the right

Solo flight is what I flew yesterday, It was fun for I havent been up by myself in a while. I flew the pattern the whole time for I was trying to not be high like I always am. Although being high is better than low I still wanted to hit the altitudes dead on. First landind was a good one perfect pattern into a nice landing. The second one however was a bit different. As I came in my approach was spotless. Im over the runway and start to flare. For one reason or another I was a little higher than I should of which in result made a hard landing. I have never really experienced a truly hard landing until that. So just to be safe I came back and had my instructor take a gander at the plane make sure it was okay. He said it was probably just harder than I usually do and it actually wasn’t as bad as I think. All in all it was a fun day and cant wate to do it again.
Until Next Time,