Oshkosh 2012: Morning of the Drive

Just woke up at 6:30am Eastern time and got right into the shower and got ready in thirty minutes. Now I am just waiting on all the other stragglers to get up and adam. Let’s hope we can blast out of here before 8 am. We are facing an eight hour car ride that will perhaps be the longest drive of my life due to the fact of what is at the end of it! I am very excited to get going and just want to be there to hang out with all my aviation friends and to see airplanes once more! I have been seeing photos on Facebook that show there is going to be a great turnout of Piper J-3’s on the field this week. If you love J-3’s you should come out!

I will be without internet acces for the rest of the trip due to the fact I will likely not have time to hook up to Camp Scholler’s free wifi hot spots. In result, I will be writing posts of my daily adventures and then I will post them after the trip. My main goal this year is to sit back relax but to also record some interviews for  the podcast that I co-host: www.rvationpodcast.com . All in all I think it has the potential of being the best trip I have made up to the cheese state and I look forward to writing and sharing it with all of you when I get back.

Until next time,

Pilot Ian

(I practiced setting up my tent this year…. it takes 5 minutes!)