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Hi there 👋, my name
is Ian

I've been in and out of the aviation industry for over 14+ years. It all started with a discovery flight when I was at the ripe age of 15. Ever since I have been addicted to airplanes, flying, and the business side of aviation.

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By Pilot Ian | July 11, 2009


By Pilot Ian | July 11, 2009

Alright so …. Cessna Event was so much fun I got to see many cool planes, eat, ride in planes, and meet new people. Highlight of the time was I got a ride in a Cessna Caravan. Ill put the pictures up to describe the time have fun looking.Ian

First Official XC

By Pilot Ian | July 3, 2009

Well today I did my first “official cross country flight”. Here is how it went down took off out of KFDY at around 11am ish. then flew down to KOSU. We got put on 27R which is a smaller runway than I was used to. It was 2994ft long. We did about 4 landings there […]

Time To SOLO again!!!

By Pilot Ian | June 6, 2009

Well it was that time to solo again and Ill tell you what I was as nervous as a seal. To be honest I was less nervous on my first solo. Well I hopped in the plane and started it up. The funny thing is I saw the guy working on his baron in the […]

Long Time

By Pilot Ian | June 2, 2009

Well its been a while since I have posted anything. But just recently Friday I had a flight lesson. The lesson was over unusual attitudes and soft and short takeoffs/landings. Unusual Attitudes was a breeze nothing to it. Short and Soft landings were a little work still need a good amount of training on them […]

Logbook Description: pattern, FIRST SOLO !!!

By Pilot Ian | May 12, 2009

Well today was a fun filled day. First of all my Birthday was today, I turned 16. All day at school all I could think about was the flight I was going to have after track practice. After practice I went home took a shower and went on my way to the airport to what […]