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Hi there đź‘‹, my name
is Ian

I've been in and out of the aviation industry for over 14+ years. It all started with a discovery flight when I was at the ripe age of 15. Ever since I have been addicted to airplanes, flying, and the business side of aviation.

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Flying Events galore!

By Pilot Ian | April 20, 2012

Hey everyone, With what little time I actually have to write now a days I figured I would use up some of my study hall in class to let everyone know what is happening in my neck of the woods. Two days ago I received my long desire MacBook Pro! It is wonderful and I am so […]

The Rudder Stiffeners of Death

By Pilot Ian | March 30, 2012

Alright the title may be a bit on the dramatic side, but honestly these things take forever to get right! Rudder stiffeners, for those who don’t know much about building, are various lengths of aluminum strips that are on the inside of a rudder (or elevator when I get to those) that provide the rudder […]

Will they reveal a Vans RV14?

By Pilot Ian | March 29, 2012

As the date is getting closer there are a lot of us fellow Vans RV builders that are anxiously awaiting what the Van’s company has to say at Sun ‘n Fun on Friday at 9:00am in their forum area. Just like any industry, it is exciting to see what is new and revolutionary in today’s […]

Sun ‘n Fun 2012 #snf12 envious “non-goers”

By Pilot Ian | March 28, 2012

I imagine at this very moment in time you are coming home from a long hard day at work wishing you were flying, building, or of course…. at Sun ‘n Fun this year. Well, I have to break the news to you, you aren’t (Unless of course you are there and you took time to […]


By Pilot Ian | March 26, 2012

Hey all of you readers! Is it like I died? Well I haven’t, I have been building my airplane, finishing up my senior year of high school, and started my final track and field season! (I am a high jumper). There is a simple reason to why I am not going to apologize for my absence…. […]

RV-8 Build (Empennage): Jan. 19-24, 2012

By Pilot Ian | February 2, 2012

Since I have been really busy I have limited time to post on here but i manage to find a free period in school to do just that. Here is all I have done to catch all of you up. January 21, 2012 First, after I got done deburring a bunch of stuff out of fear […]

RV-8 Building Log, A re-birth.

By Pilot Ian | January 18, 2012

Cheers to a new beginning! After taking a few months off of the RV-8 build it has come that time where I really miss building my airplane. I have been making stupid excuses lately and have realized that I have let fear of making a mistake get in the way of building. In result, I […]

Doing a little instrument training! [Video]

By Pilot Ian | January 15, 2012

As a new years resolution to myself, I told myself I would try to make this a website for any aviator to want to come and spend some time exploring all I can offer to them (although not much). With that being said, videos seem to be the bait for pilots to want to come […]

4 days of flying… IN A ROW!

By Pilot Ian | January 11, 2012

Why hello everyone and welcome to 2012! I made a new years resolution to fly more throughout this year. To most that is a pretty vague resolution but for me it is something I have set out to do. After some quick number crunching I figured out that in 2011 I flew a mere 11.5 […]

Aviator Vintage Hat

My Aviation Christmas Gift Haul

By Pilot Ian | December 30, 2011

As Christmas festivities wind down and we begin preparing for the new year 2012, I find myself in my room playing with all my new aviation christmas gifts that Santa brought me this year. I thought I would take a moment to give you my 2 cents on the items I got that I am so eager to […]