Pictures for Airventure 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has finally arrived. (drum roll) (cymbal) I am ordering a new camera lens!!!!

With Airventure 2011 at Oshkosh rounding the corner, I figured it would be no better time to splurge and buy the “aviation lens” or so its called. I have been wanting this lens to put on my camera body for a long time now. If your not a know it all when it comes to photography, here it is in simple terms. I am going to be getting a lens that allows for me get close to the airshow performers without being on their wing. Not only will it let me take stunning close up shots of their performance, this lens also is known as the highest degree of glass made for lenses. Making all my photos crisp and stunning!

I would not be surprised if I come back after Oshkosh with a couple thousand photos taken. If you by chance are going to the airshow, please do not be affraid to come up to me if you see me. Ill be the one with the “” shirt and a camera with a big white lens on it.

For all you planespotters and aviation photography junkies out there, the lens is a Canon EF  L IS 100-400mm USM. (Pictured Above)

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian