Are you a plain cheesecake pilot?

What do all of these things in the title represent? They are things that I have yet to do. Other than the 2 hours I have in a Piper Cub (tail wheel), I have never been in a helicopter, never done anything more than a stall in an airplane, and haven’t gotten a tail wheel endorsement.

This summer I told myself I would accomplish at least one of the above things I have listed. Many people wouldn’t understand perhaps why I have such a huge desire to experiment with so many different avenues of aviation but I shall explain it in a few short sentences. Ever since I started flight training and being envolved in aviation it has been a dream to become an airline pilot someday. But like many different hobbies/education once you explore and learn more, you realize there are many different avenues of aviation other than just being an airline pilot. And instead of sitting here and listing all of them here is a quick guide to some of the thousands of aviation careers: If you took the time to look at all the different carreer paths you realize that airline pilot is but one road a pilot could choose. In the 3 years I have been flying I have matured and refined what I am looking to do with my flying.

Lets use cheesecake as an analogy to how I want to explore different types of flying. What if today you had cheesecake for the first time ever, and after trying the good ol fashioned plain kind you realize you loved it. Would you only have the plain kind from now on or would you branch out and try new flavors? This is the same thing with aviation, are you going to go through life always flying the same old point A to point B “plain cheesecake” flying or are you going to spice it up and fly aerobatics, tailwheels, or even helicopters “double chocolate cheesecake” flying.

The point I am trying to make is, Aviation has more avenues than just commercial airline flying, and I challenge all of you to do what I am doing this summer. Get out there and try something new, something exhilarating, something that may be a fear! Let me know how it goes, and you are sure to hear how mine went.

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian

Get out there and explore!