Reflecting on My Private Pilot Blog

aviation blogging

Lately I have dove head first back into the world of aviation blogging. It combines a lot of my favorite things in life into one world. This being my private pilot blog and resource I felt it was fitting to reflect on what it meant to be a blogger in aviation and how it has felt leaving it and just now coming back.

As I dig deeper and deeper into my history of blogging it is actually very entertaining to see how far I have come from the first time I ever posted something on the blogging internet world.

At the time in 2008/2009, I used Blogspot (remember those days!?) as the sharing of my thoughts with the world started. If you care to see what it looked like back in the “old days” head on over to to have a nice little chuckle. Back then life was simple and all I had to do was play Flight Simulator, take flight lessons, and work my a#$ off every day just to pay for that expensive rental airplane.

I look back, and even though my grammar will never be to the high caliber I want it to be, back then it was pretty horrid.

So I started blogging on there and back then you could actually grow a following with much less effort than you can today. Now it’s an everyone-has-a-blog era. In those days, if you had a blog of some sort you were already going to generate some readers to your thoughts. Blogging and especially aviation blogging was still in the “new shiny object” phase.

As a teenager I was motivated to climb the ranks of the aviation licenses and share it for everyone to see. Perhaps part of me enjoys sharing everything I do for all to see, but mainly the more I shared the more I learned from my experiences. I would get comments all the time that actually added value to my flight training.

Fast forward to January of 2010 when I jumped into learning this thing called “making websites”. The first of the hundreds of websites I now have gone on to make was of course this website you are reading on now.

private pilot blog 1.0

As you can see, this blog was even more simple back in 2010. A few sidebar links, and a post every couple of days about my random aviation thoughts. Oh how I miss those days.

This my friends is pretty fair to say my first website that I created on my own using WordPress. It’s ironic because I now run a creative agency where we make custom designed websites using WordPress for clients. But anyway, I digress.

What was once a student pilot blog on blogspot was slowly but surely nearing an apex in maturity. It was now on it’s own platform and for me I knew this is where the endless world of possibility was.

I think around this time is where I really felt momentum and a desire to share more and discover others in the blogging aviation niche.

A fellow blog I religiously read was Geek in the Cockpit. It was inspiring to follow the life of a regional first officer at the time and seeing what I could potentially be doing at the time. He stayed pretty anonymous about who he worked for and even his name, but the content was great. I strayed away from reading his stuff when I myself found less and less time to read other blogs, but reflecting on my aviation blogging life makes me want to get back into his stuff. The even cooler thing is, he is still blogging what looks to be very regularly.

It’s a powerful thing when you get a rhythm. He obviously has found one and I am too. Hats off to that blog.

Let’s Fast forward to 2013

By this time I was all over the place with what I wanted my aviation life and to become. It was certainly a private pilot blog documenting my flying life but I also had already started building and experimental aircraft called an Vans RV8, I had wanted to go to helicopter school to become a helicopter pilot and so many things were shifting in my life. Remember, 2013 would put me in a year in which I was a freshman in college and already feeling the pains of that.


As you can see, the website iterated once again to a theme I put a ton of time in around 2011-2012. I cared a lot at the time because I was chronicling my journey in building my airplane and I had really ramped up efforts on creating reviews, and articles for people. Looking back on it now it makes me laugh, because it’s all pretty hard to read. But we all start somewhere, right?

And where we are now…

Nowadays I have a pretty simple look to it. Will it evolve over time? Of course. I made a pact to myself. When I begin to grow this blog again like I had way back in the Blogspot days before I took a break, I will definitely invest in having my talented creative team make something here that is visually and functionally stunning.

private pilot blog reflection

For now, this is all I need. And if this random reflection article has peaked your interest in starting your own blog, I actually would recommend reading the how to make your own blog website over lunch article I wrote on another blog I run. (Yes, blogging is an addiction).

To be honest, I live with very little regrets. Actually its rare I regret anything I have done in life. One thing that sticks out though is taking long continuous breaks from this blog in the past. Looking back on it, I can see where if I would have just stuck with it through the years that this would be a powerhouse of a resource for potential incoming aviation enthusiasts. Do I really regret it though? Not really… with the lack of time spent here, I spent in other aspects of life that flourished. Its all a balancing, push-pull game my friends.

Blogging about flying has been a part of my aviation lifestyle almost more than flying itself. My career is about helping aviation brands even if I’m not actually doing the flying part daily. Without this private pilot blog in which I started back before I took that first Discovery Flight in 2008, I would not be where I am today.

I can’t promise anything to this blog, because I’ve learned over the last 8 years of writing on the internet that making promises is a way to under estimate what you are capable of. When that happens you quickly get debilitated by it in a weird sort of way.

So as I wrap up this reflection on my aviation blogging life, I can’t wait to see how the next year bowes here. I can’t wait to connect with you along the journey as well. I will be moving in a few months, and I believe I will be starting flight training again to go all the way to commercial-ness.

Come along for the journey, the journey I started 8 years ago on this very blog.