Private Pilot Time

I realized that my PPL checkride is fast approaching even though to you it may seem far away (May 11) and it makes me so happy to think I will be able to fly places with friends and family. For about a year now I have had my first destination as a Private Pilot set. I am an avid Flight Simulator guy and have met alot of friends via flight Sim (FSX). One including is the CEO of the well known Global Air Virtual Airlines. He is my age and we have been friends for a while. I decided when I get my license I will fly up to Cleveland and we will hang out. Cleveland is an awesome city, and for some reason it is one of my favorite places to be. Burke Lakefront Airport is in Cleveland and that is were I would fly to most likely.

The second most desired place to go is to EAA Airventure in Oshkosh, my friend from Dayton is receiving his PPL soon and wants to go up there as well. We figured if we want to go, why not go together. So there could be a chance if we find our skills proficient enough that we make the fun trip up there. Of course the downfall is the busyness of following all the ATC’s procedures but hey it would be and experience.

I just cant waite for that day to take my checkride. I get excited just thinking about it. But we will just have to see, for now I’m just learning and having fun.

Until Next Time,