RV-8 Build (Empennage): Jan. 19-24, 2012

Since I have been really busy I have limited time to post on here but i manage to find a free period in school to do just that. Here is all I have done to catch all of you up.

January 21, 2012

First, after I got done deburring a bunch of stuff out of fear of tapering and bending the HS-810-1 and HS-814 I finally manned up and decided it was to take a risk and do it! In result, I started off by taking the two reinforcement angles and mapped out the tapered ends that I wanted to file off. I did so by sharpy-ing a rounded end that would give me the minimum+ radios around the end hole. After that I took a vixen file (which I not know exactly how to use) and started filing off the excess aluminum. After a long time spent on the HS810-1 I figured I was doing something wrong because it took way to long.

Finally after a conversation with my other RV-8 building friend we realized that I should probably put it in a vise and put more force into it. So I threw it in the vise and the HS814 only took about 15 minutes instead of the 2 hours on the other one! (LESSON LEARNED).

January 22, 2012


This day was the day that had been keeping from building for months. I was afraid this wouldn’t go well for me and i would end up buying some new angles. Luckily however it turned out completely opposite. I got home late but had been thinking about making the bends all day so I asked my step-dad to help out with this. After making a template drawn out on the work table for a 6 degree bend, we took HS-810-1 put two wooden blocks around it and clamped it in place with the vise. We then used our hand and bend the desired 6 degrees on both sides….. Then repeated for HS814.

HS-810-1 and HS-814 Tapered!
HS-810-1 and HS-814 Tapered!

All the angles are pretty spot on the 6 degree marker and I am proud of our first bends of the build!

January 23, 2012

Bending the HS-702
Bending the HS-702

Yesterday I managed to find two hours to work on the HS-702 spar channels. Although the directions don’t call for it, I opted to put relief notches in the taps to prevent the bends from notching up. I proceeded to notch both 702’s and had time to bend one of them to the 6 degree bend. I actually got it to about 5.5 degrees but rivets will do their work with the rest!