Schoooooolz, out! for! the summer!

Finally, the bell rings at 2:35 in enlglish class and after 2 days of exams I am finally done with school for the year! What a relief now I am able to go to bed late, wake up early (I like early mornings), fly and golf in the day, and so much more!

With summer this year comes an added bonus, Instrument Rating. I am quickly going to try and complete my instrument within the 3ish months of summer I have this year. It should be quite a challenge, but I think it will benefit me if I put a time period on my training. With already about 3 hours done of instrument I still have a ways to go. It should be a fun journey, but also a challenging and educational one as well.

So if your someone that doesn’t like instrument talk and blogging I would retire my site for the next couple months because that will be my aviation life for now! To kick of the summer I will have a lesson this Friday and then hope to schedule multiple lessons for the following weeks to come. My objective is to be constantly at the airport. Any chance I get I am going to try and be in an airplane no matter what kind! So I guess I should get my “Airport Bum” shirt from sporty’s all washed and ready to wear this summer!

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian