Shooting the breeze (pun intended)

I arrived at the airport around 2:30pm this after noon to get an hour lesson in with my instructor on the simulator. Sadly, thats not what happened today. You see for a couple months our Redbird Flight Simulator has been acting up and not wanting to ever work right. One day it will be the yoke, the next day it will be the computer or usb hook ups. But finally we narrowed it down to the main problem so we were able to order a part to replace it with. With my instructor and I the ones at the airport mainly, we usually take on these projects ourselves, so today was finally going to be that day we fix this problem.

We started searching the motion simulator trying to figure out where the part was to replace it, but of course it was beyond us so we called the company to help us step by step. Low and behold it wasn’t a visible part, we had to take off the back end of the sim to even get to the main electronics area (Picture Above). So we unscrewed the screws and took of the back panel to reveal all this wonderful wiring and plugs. It was the rain forest of wires let me tell yah!

After searching I quickly found the part and we rewired all the USB ports into the new USB hub and then reattached the back panel and walah, we had fixed the problem that had hindered our flight experiences in the simulator for a month! After we had finished an hour had gone by and it was almost time for another student pilot to have a lesson. So instead of cramming 30 minutes of flight in the sim we just shot the breeze about aviation.

Charter Beech
Looks like a Charter Beechcraft

After talking to my instructor I learned a few tips in the aviation world:

1. Make sure you study and now as much as you can for your instrument oral test, it will save you time, money and a fail on your records.

2. It takes a special attitude to go through ATP Flight School’s Training, make sure its for you before you fully invest in a program like such. Not saying its a bad place, just make sure it fits your type of learning environment.

3. Don’t drop a fuel quantity tester into the tanks while your measuring fuel, it’ll save you a lot of embarrassment and the annoying sound of it rattling around while you fly.

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian