Skyline Family Restaurant Sunday Breakfast Flight with Roommate

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This past week I had the opportunity to take one of my many roommates flying and we decided to go to the Skyline Family Restaurant on the field at KPMH. He had been in smaller airplanes before but nothing as small as the Cessna 172 I was about to take him in. I was excited to finally begin sharing my flying with the roommates I live with.

I currently rent a yellow gem N734QF out of Bolton Field (KTZR) in Columbus, Ohio.

She is an old bird but at $99.00/hr it’s about the cheapest you can find around Columbus. In fact, I really do think it is the cheapest airplane available for rent within the area. (update 03/12/2016 – they are out of rental business)

She has no GPS installed so I had two options for the cross country flight for breakfast…

A. Plot it out on a sectional chart.

B. Play with ForeFlight

With the Dual GPS in my possession and my ForeFlight subscription locked in, I opted for the latter. I plan to have a full review of both of these products in the near future.

So back to the flight. We drove to the airport and Jay (my roommate) did not seem nervous really at all. This I find to never be the case with first time passengers. I think most people I take flying seem to be a little apprehensive until we leave the earth and they realize it’s a stable type of life up there. But Jay I think knew what to expect for the most part.

We departed KTZR at about 1411Z. We were about fifteen minutes behind schedule but hey that’s okay.

The destination was a new one for me. Portsmouth (KPMH) in southern Ohio right above the Kentucky border. So we got a southbound departure approval and headed directly south for a 71nm/45 minute flight down for breakfast.

The flight

The flight was beautiful. Smooth as can be and everything covered in snow on the ground. I personally love this season for flying. When you can find a VFR day to fly in the winter I highly recommend you do it.

Although 4QF only hits 100 knots if I’m lucky, we were in no hurry. The view was beautiful.

I let my friend fly a little which I think he enjoyed. He was surprised by the responsiveness of the yoke. This is sort of funny because coming from flying Van’s RV8s… Cessna controls always feel so slow.

Ian Hoyt & Jay Clouse FlyingAs we neared KPMH the southern hills of Ohio began to come into view. I rarely fly south so it is always fun to fly over.

Runway 18 was the runway of choice, so I came in on an upwind to the west of the runway to give the base to final aircraft no stress about a straight in. Then I entered the pattern on a left crosswind and brought her in.

I had the best landing I think I have ever had. Seriously! I kept my eyes at the end of the runway in the distance and it helps so much with keeping a smooth transition on round out. That’s a keeper tip… thanks whoever.

We taxied in, and were at our table by 1500z which wasn’t bad considering headwinds, 85 knots over the ground and a late departure etc…

Skyline Family Restaurant Review for Breakfast

Located right on the field at KPMH, the Skyline Family Restaurant is where we ate breakfast. Two of my close friends from Cincinnati were flying in with their Van’s RV-8’s to meet us for breakfast. They were not there yet but they promptly showed up about ten minutes after we sat down.

We all ordered our food and talked airplanes for a while, I’m sure Jay was thrilled (not).

Food came quick, waitress was very nice and nothing but positive vibes were emitting from everyone around. I also felt like a famous person walking into breakfast with everyone enamored that I was the pilot of that neon yellow Cessna.

I ordered the ham & cheese omelet. I had a biscuit on the side and some home fries. The prices are great for the amount of food you get. I was stuffed leaving that place. Food was pretty good, it is your classic greasy spoon type of eats. The atmosphere could use some work it seems more like a mess hall than a restaurant. The food was good but I am spoiled living in Columbus, one of the top cities to grab breakfast or brunch.
Overall, I will be coming back here many times. For the location being XC time eligible that means the world to a pilot building time. Their staff is amazing and so pleasant that it’s hard not to come back.


We paid our bills, Jay paid since I was paying for the flying. I call that a deal.

We headed on home. All said and done we were home by 1700Z in time for Sunday afternoon football.

It was a fun flight and I can’t wait to fly more of my roommates on weekend adventures. Oh and be sure to check out the Skyline Family Restaurant if you get a chance!