Slowly but Surely

Although I have a flight lesson tomorrow, the instrument rating training isn’t going as quick as I would like it to. Hopefully my instructor will be more available soon. Its sad to see my flight school slowly going down the toilet. I don’t blame my instructor for my slow training, I blame the amount of instructors at the school. With only 2 active instructors, mine takes on I would say 85% of all students. Thats alot to be able to make room for everyone. To top it all of he doesn’t even live in my town, he has to drive an hour plus to the airport when ever he comes to instruct.

If you want my un-editited opinion about my flight school and how its managed, I would say it needs alot of work. The equation just doesn’t add up, why would you have one expensive aircraft for many pilots to rent, when you could have two nice airplanes that would provide for a less heckteck schedule and cheaper rental prices. I just think  that my flight school truely needs another instructor, sell the luxary airplane and replace it with a more efficient and trainer aircraft, and think about what they really need and what is but a luxary.

Overall, I am not sure if I will be able to afford taking all my training for instrument in a G1000 Cessna 172 but for right now thats the plan. I am still currently in the Redbird Simulator and am trying to finish up as much time in the sim as possible. Tomorrow I will hitting the sim for 2 hours. Being in the simulator for one hour straight is long so two hours may be a little much but I have to knock these hours down!

Be ready for a post tomorrow on my flight lesson.

Until Next Time,

Pilot Ian