So did I pass my Checkride???

If you would have told me 2 years ago that when I was 17 I would hold a Pilots License in my hands before I die, I would have laughed in your face. With all the misconceptions I used to think about being able to become a pilot I thought back then I wasn’t the person cut out for such an adventurous, prestigious, unique hobby. But I can proudly say with great achievement that I am now a licensed Private Pilot! I know some of you out there have commented frequently keeping my head up as I struggled with the studying of this monstrous test and I thank you all for that. But ultimately I would like to thank my mom that helped me and always was behind me 100% when I didn’t think I could do it. She never doubted my abilities for a second and has always supported me in anything I find an interest in. Thanks Mom!


I got up at about 6am est. and started my daily routine to get ready for a flight, only this morning was a different flight, it was a flight to remember! I got to the airport about 7am and got a weather briefing and preflighted the plane. Although the weather wasn’t the best, it was duable. As I got ready to depart, my legs started to shake in nervousness, but I calmed down and flew to the airport I was supposed to take my test at. When I got within 2 miles I was encountering a lot of snow! It was a little scary so I decided to land as quickly and safely as possible to get out of the uncomfortable condition I was in. Once I landed I went into the airports lounge where I waited for about 15min for the examiner. I was afraid he would be intimidating but once I met him I knew he was a real nice guy.

Oral time came around and instead of it being a back and forth question grilling session as I anticipated it was more of a conversation about reg’s, manuals, and airspace… It went way to quick and an hour later he said “We’ll I’m ready to go flying, I dont know about you!” and I was so re leaved to know I had just passed the oral exam. He went and did some other things while I preflighted the aircraft for flight.  We hopped into my rented C172sp and began the checkride. Things didnt go as smooth as I wished, I did poorly on my soft and short field takeoffs and landings but I suppose it was good enough to pass. After about an hour and a half of flight we finished with an engine out landing to the runway that I was told he would pull on me as a “surprise” so I was waiting for it. I landed the aircraft safely he had me taxi back to the apron and said “Good job, you passed”. I was at first in shock that I actually did it, but soon realized “IM A PILOT”!!!!!!!!!!!

I had never had so much joy and happiness in my life then when I received that temporary license from him. It is a day that I will never forget and a milestone for the many flying achievements to come. Thank you to my instructors, friends, and family for being there…. and of course you guys, the readers.

Finally I have decided to restart a podcast that will talk about my flying adventures as a private pilot, aviation news, and aviation guests on the show… so that is what to look out for in the month to come to start off 2011 on the right foot!

Until Next Time,

Private Pilot Ian