So the world ends tomorrow?

With all this crazy talk about the world ending tomorrow, I tried to make sense of how this could tie into a post! If I may… I would like to tell you all, that if I was a betting man I’d put my money on my track meet tomorrow morning rather than falling in a gaping hole on earth.

On a brighter note I would like to let all my fellow readers that this will be that last post for a long time about how I am updating my site! I can soundly say that the site is finally to the point I have envisioned it to be. I am very happy with the new look and the transition from old to new was rather simple. Having said that if you guys have notice I have finally been able to get my RSS feed for my blog up and running soundly and great. Just click on the RSS icon up there at the top (go ahead, do it!). Be sure to keep looking because I am always working hard on the site day in and out!

With my flight instructor taking a vacation I am on the back burner for a week of instrument training. Works out well because I am finishing up track and school. I cant wait to get back into it and finish this instrument rating this summer!